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The following tales conversations show just how ignorant the residents here in Oman are about dogs.

Dog Lover (DL): We play catch with our dog on the balcony.
Ignorant Soul (IS): Catch?
DL: Yes, we throw the ball and he goes and catches it then brings it back. He loves it.
IS: Oh, what happens if I throw the ball over the balcony? Will he go after it?
DL: Well *joking tone* I think he would be going after you because after the ball, you’re next.
IS: *sheepish look*

Teacher (T): Animals have different physical qualities to adapt in different climates. Like polar bears; they have thick undercoats to keep them warm.
Ignorant Student (IS): Polar bears? What this “polar bear”?
T: You might have seen them on TV, they are *ya-da-ya-da, explanation*. Anyway, many animals have undercoats, my dog has an undercoat and he is shedding A LOT. There’s fur all over my furniture.
IS: Why don’t put him outside?
T: Outside? No! It’s too hot!
IS: Then kill it!
T: Kill it? Nooo! He is my friend!
IS: Why your friend? He animal. We no friend with animal.
T: *too appalled to say anything*

Ignorant Guest (IG) comes to Dog Lovers’ (DL1, DL2) home for coffee. One of the dog lovers; (DL2) has their dog on a short leash because Ignorant Guest has never seen a real dog and is afraid.
DL1: Don’t worry, he’s not going to bite you, see he likes you *points to dog with ears down, tail wagging*
IG: Yes, yes I know…but I am scared
DL1: Don’t worry, DL2 is holding him, he can’t come near you.
IG: My friend’s brother’s wife’s cousin has a dog and it is very vicious. They put him outside and train him to attack.
DL1: Oh that is wrong; a dog will attack intruders if it senses that its owners are in danger. Like him, if someone hits DL2 on the street, he will attack them.
IG: Oh…what will he do if I hit him now?

Woman takes her dog out for a walk and a local approached her and asked said “I throw stones at dog?” Woman got annoyed and said “How about if I throw stones at you?

Dog Lover (DL): Do you want to see a picture of my dog? I have a few on my phone.
Local Friend (LF): Uh ok *sees picture* AAARGGHH!!! OH MY GOD!!! *pulls away in fear* It very scary!

(The face of Fear itself?)

The above are actual conversations either I or people close to me have experienced. I don’t understand it. Like in case #2; “kill it”? Why would someone suggest killing a dog just because the shedding was annoying? Yes, he could be joking but certain jokes are just not funny. Plus, he only sees dogs as an “animal” and should definitely be tortured in the heat or killed.

Well, me, I always make sure Jester’s leash is hooked on securely before we leave the house. I know that if he gets loose, I will probably never see him again. The consequences are too horrible to even imagine.
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