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I will try to make this entry as short and painless as possible.

I just want you to stop and imagine, just for second, what it’s like to be me.

Last night, we went out with an Omani friend. Eric’s friend, not mine, he can’t even get my name right and he kept calling me "Gilly". Not even with a “J” sound; “Gill-y”… like I have gills or something. Oh well, at least he tried.

Anyway, he is a very, very nice young guy, but this is just how he was "programmed"; either by his parents, or teachers, or whatever and this guy had studied in the UK before. I was talking to him in fluent, crystal clear American English, and because his English wasn't very good, I even emphasized words more clearly than usual. When he asked what I did during my free time while Eric was at work, I said I write blogs or read, cook, and that I was hoping to work on writing a book, apart from doing other “things around the house”.

He then turned and asked my American husband if I spoke fluent English. I mean, I was doing the act itself; speaking fluent English, RIGHT FREAKING THERE! The guy didn’t mean anything rude I suppose, it’s just how he was programmed since he was young; Asians don’t speak English. When my husband told him that I was completely fluent, he didn't seem to believe us and kept asking questions like "No, I mean, can she understand everything?, What I mean is can she read?"

"SHE"?! Like I'm not freaking there?!

Finally I had to jump in and said that I am qualified to teach. Only then did he stop asking.

Of course, I’m Asian, why WOULD I be speaking English?
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