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Jester’s 5-week Obedience course ended last Saturday. Once a week during the course, dog owners “parents” bring their little one(s) to the class to learn basic obedience such as heeling, sitting, lying down, and following general verbal and physical commands. I might be biased here but I think our boy Jester did extremely well! After watching an episode of “Dog Whisperer” which featured Viper, and further Googling, we’re almost positive that he is a Belgian Malinois mix. There might be some Canadian Jebel in him too. The Belgian dogs; according to the American Kennel Club website, are “Intelligent and trainable”.

Well Jester would follow commands after one training session (15-20 mins).

Anyway, a funny thing happened on the final week of the course; when the dogs were suppose to have an “Exam”. Owners would be giving commands and the trainer would grade the dog based on how well they follow them.  To continue with the following story, I have to first explain what happened the previous week. There was a lovely Saluki mix who also attended the course, and in the past few weeks had been mingling with Jester pretty well. She snapped at other dogs but had mostly acted calm around Jester. So, a week before the exam, Jester and Trixie; the Saluki were cuddling each other, “kissing” each other on the lips, and smelling each other. It was the sweetest thing; think of the scene from “Bambi” when grown-up Bambi saw grown-up Feline again.  We started joking about Jester having a girlfriend.

(Trixie and her owner)

Last Saturday (day of the exam), when the two of them saw each other, they were sniffing normally and suddenly, Trixie decided that she wanted to be the dominant one. Dogs do this by standing over another dog and sniffing the other’s neck. Since Jester has an extremely dominant personality, he wouldn’t have any of that and started snapping at her too. We tried several times (both Eric and I *and* Trixie’s owner) to get them to mingle normally again but the two of them wouldn’t stop trying to bite each other so we had to pull them apart.

(Jester; praised for heeling, sitting and laying down very well)

(...and there's the beautiful little Trixie)

Think about this; boy went to school for his major exam and the girlfriend broke up with him a few minutes before it. Both went for the exam anyway and didn’t do so well…

Typical high school drama much? 
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