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Only two months into using the Oman Oasis water company and I've already written two complaint emails - which they did respond to quite quickly. They must hate me.

Here is a copy of my latest complaint (verbatim):

I’m writing to express my regret that we have to cancel our order with Oman Oasis and would like our deposit back. Please look into this immediately and call me at xxxx xx37.

What happened was totally unacceptable as you are a WATER company – and water is a necessity out here in the dessert don’t you agree? We live in the Al Khuwair area and our delivery day is every Tuesday (time varies every week). On Tuesday, 31 May, there was no delivery. The next morning, (Wednesday, 1 June), I called 2449 4427 (Ext. 204) and was told that “there was a problem” (What problem?) and water will be delivered later that afternoon. It was never delivered.

I called the same number again the next day (Thursday, 2 June) but the phone line was either busy or when I did get through and hit “0” for Operator assistance, the line went silent, no busy tone, nothing. Just silence. Is this a trick to get callers to hang up? If so, it really is quite a genius plan!

Water was only delivered on Saturday, 4 June. Of course, without any explanation.

Yesterday (Tuesday 14 June), again there was no water. What is going on? How long do we have to wait each week before we get dehydrated and have to go out and lug bottles of water home only to have you deliver a few days later, and then we would have extra bottles sitting around. This, like I said is completely unacceptable and unreliable as a WATER company.

I shouldn’t have to write letters reminding your people to do their job(s) once in a while. Therefore, I will now be looking for a new water company. Good luck handling all the other incoming complaints.

p/s: Any chance I can get my few *baizas back for calling you so many times only to hear the mournful silence on the other end?

I will post their reply, if one ever came. Oh and in case you were curious, this was what happened last time.

*baiza - the "cent" equivalent of the Omani currency
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