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I'm about two days late reading the Saturday edition of the Oman Tribune over breakfast. Then Eric pointed this out to me.

(Snapshot of the comic strip from the Oman Tribune)

Really? Censoring a comic strip now, are we? What's wrong with saying "beer"? We all know Hagar's favorite beverage is beer. Also, you'd think they'd do a better job of matching the font.

So I took it upon myself to look for the original strip.

....aaaand I found it:-

(Link to original website here)

So adding to the un-utterable list of words here in this part of the world is "beer", along with *"pork" of course.

*I first discovered that "pork" is censored when I was watching an episode of "Australian Masterchef" on the local cable. The contestants were cooking a pork dish and the word "pork" was silenced out every time they say it. Example; "I marinated the ---- then grilled it. The ---- drippings are saved for ---- stew" - yeah, doesn't even make much sense, does it? Especially when I (the audience) can see the lips going "pork". HA-HA
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