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By this time tomorrow, we’ll be on the plane heading to New York; or what I like to call it, back to the normal world where I don’t have to ask myself “is this skirt too short?”, “should I bring a shawl just in case someone starts staring at me weirdly?” or “are these jeans too tight?” every time I leave the house.

Here are a few things I MUST do while in New York;

1.       Take a picture (or pictures) of a clean street
2.       Lay on the grass in a park or in my in-laws’ backyard
3.       Watch people walking their dogs and smile
4.       If it rains, run and play in the rain
5.       Eat lots of pickled herring for breakfast (or any other time I feel like it)
6.       Look at clouds (if you must know, I haven’t seen clouds here in WEEKS)
7.       Call somebody (ANYBODY!) on Skype at least for a few minutes

Note: If I hadn’t written about this before, Skype and other forms of online calling programs are blocked in most of the Middle Eastern countries. There are ways to get around the block but since I don’t have anything I want to say which I can’t type, I don’t bother.

8.       Eat a Burger King Whopper with bacon
9.       Enjoy drives without maniacs breathing down our bumpers and say “TAKE THAT! MUSCAT!”
10.   Watch as many Youtube videos as I can without getting annoyed at the red bar that won’t load

While these are things which you take for granted, dear reader, they are IMPOSSIBLE to come by in Muscat. So run along, run along and go roll on the grass. It is fun.
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  1. jamie writes Says:

    yeah babe! do as much as you can~~~

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