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I am getting married, again. And to the same man.

Before you start imagining the whole white-dress-flowers-cake-and-people-throwing-rice-at-us kind of thing, stop, because you are wrong! The only props at tomorrow wedding ceremony will be a few sheets of paper and a pen or two. Let me tell you about my other weddings.

#1, #2 and #3 "Wedding" in Korea, Dec 2009
We were living in Daegu, so we had to travel to Seoul to get the paperwork done. We went to the American Embassy where Eric had to swear that he was never married, we filled in some forms, signed them witnessed by the officer in charge and was pronounced man and wife. This was the only easy part of the whole marriage process. Read on. 

We then headed over to the Korean Ward office with the American and Malaysian paperwork (which I had gotten months before moving to Korea). At the Korean Ward office they got extremely confused over the Malaysian papers but due to their limited English, they couldn't explain what the problem was. In very broken English, we were sent to the Malaysian Embassy. Oh, and because the Malaysian Embassy in Seoul was only open between the hours of 9-11am (yes, everyday!), we had to stay with a friend and go back the next day. At the Malaysian Embassy we were told that my Malaysian papers were missing ONE important STAMP and I had to send it back to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur to be exact, my parents live in Penang, a state 300 kms away) to have it stamped. It was the ONLY way we could be married. So I sent the papers back to my mom, who flew to Kuala Lumpur to get that one stamp, and then sent it back to me.

We made our way back to the Malaysian Embassy, where they registered our marriage and sent us to the Korean Ward office again. This time fortunately, there was no confusion and after a few hurried stamps on our submitted papers, we were married. No "Congratulations", no one clapped, nothing. Just a simple "Ok, next!"

#4 The Malaysian Wedding, Jan 23 2010
I planned the entire Malaysian wedding thinking that our "real" wedding would be in New York the same year (or the following, whichever we could manage). So instead of a typical 8-course Chinese style wedding, I opted for a western, buffet setting - which according to most of my friends were "better anyway".

#5 Wedding in New York, July 19 2011
We drove about 2 hours to get to the judge (who is a friend of the family)'s house. I was amazed when we got there that the "house" was a very charming one set in a hundred acres of nature. There were two ponds, geese and two Airedale terriers; one of which was blind, and we later saw the younger, bigger dog walk the blind one by her leash. That brought me to tears. Our wedding was attended by Eric's parents, whom I adore very much, the judge's wife, and a number of frogs and geese. It was a simple wedding, yet everything I've ever dreamed of. I've always wanted a small, quiet wedding in a nature setting and that's exactly what we did. Except we all thought we were just going to sign some papers and have dinner with some friends, hence I wasn't even wearing a dress.

The evening ended with a lovely dinner, and homemade wedding cake. I really could not have asked for more. It was a perfect wedding.

After all, it's our fifth time getting married, we should be able to get it right already!

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