Jillian R.
Day 4 in Monroe and here's an update on my To-do List,

Take a picture (or pictures) of a clean street

(The road along Round Lake)

(Round Lake) 
and [done]!

Lay on the grass in a park or in my in-laws’ backyard

Watch people walking their dogs and smile [done]

If it rains, run and play in the rain [it hasn't rained yet]

Eat lots of pickled herring for breakfast (or any other time I feel like it) [done]

Look at clouds (if you must know, I haven’t seen clouds here in WEEKS)

(No way a parking lot shot in Muscat would look like this)

Call somebody (ANYBODY!) on Skype at least for a few minutes [mom wouldn't answer the phone]

Eat a Burger King Whopper with bacon [had a Subway wrap with EXTRA bacon, it counts, so done]

Enjoy drives without maniacs breathing down our bumpers and say “TAKE THAT! MUSCAT!” [done]

Watch as many Youtube videos as I can without getting annoyed at the red bar that won’t load [done]
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