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For the past few days I’ve been walking Shayna, the family dog at least twice a day around the neighborhood. While my in-laws are complaining about how hot it is, Eric and I just laugh and say “this would be a COOL day in Oman!” Anyway, no matter how hot it gets, because of all the trees and grass around, it’s always cool. I might have complained about the heat here last year but since it’s always a thousand degrees in Oman, nothing in suburbia could ever scare us ever again.

Walking the dog has never been this wonderful. No one threw stones, honked, stared, handed me a piece of paper with their number on it or barked at us. After having to deal with these daily in Oman, not being harassed feels extremely exhilarating.

I look forward to walking her (Shayna) everyday, just to feel normal again, and also to smell the trees. It rained last night, so even though Eric said we should do it later. I walked her around the block anyway because “it’s nice and dewy outside”. Shayna is not used to heeling so I had to correct her with the training lead almost the entire way. By the end of our stay here, my goal is to get her to heel perfectly, like our boy Jester back in Oman – who’s currently at “summer camp”; a kennel in Muscat which also provided daily training and activities for dogs.

In her last email, his trainer said “he wasn’t himself for the first couple of days, but now he’s warming up to us”. See, our little boy is brave!

I know, I’m all over the place in this entry, will write something more worthy of your time soon.

(I hope this picture of Shayna will make up for my lack of interesting subjects in this entry)

With love from Monroe, NY

p/s: Oh, I'm marrying Eric again for the FIFTH time on Wednesday. Long story, read all about it soon.
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