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I was going through my journal and I can’t believe I forgot to blog this!

We were at the Muscat Airport checking in for our flight to New York, and of course, it wouldn’t be happening to us if it wasn’t bizarre and/or weird, or at least entertaining, because as we have come to accept; nothing “normal” happens to us anymore.

So, anyway, we were waiting in line to get our boarding passes. There were two lines open; one had about eight people and the other had only one. Naturally, we went and stood behind the one guy. As it turned out, the guy had lots of questions to ask and on the ground, he had two coconut lanterns which looked like this:-

(Excuse my poor illustration; the said coconut lanterns)

We couldn’t see the bottom of the lanterns, but the tops were covered in black coconut husk; with a tassel-like top. The box they were sitting in was not covered and was tied with string in a criss-cross manner (as illustrated poorly). We guessed the problem was that the airline staff had wanted the guy to check the lanterns in, but he had wanted to carry them on board with him. His gestures seemed to suggest that he was explaining that they might break if checked-in.

Now that I think about it, I don't really know why this whole scenario was so funny, at the time we were laughing at how ironic it was that we got on the slow line and how strange the coconut lanterns looked and of course how adamant the guy was to have his precious coconuts on board with him!

The whole exchange took about 20 minutes, and by that time, the eight people on that other line had finished and had went on with their lives, and new people replaced them. Yes, we continued waiting in our line because…well, why not? It’s just ONE person and he might finish at any time!

During the wait, Eric turned and said to me “He’ll sit next to you on the plane and you’ll have to look at those coconut lanterns for eight hours”. I laughed for about five minutes. It was very funny at the time!

Of course, when we got on the plane, he sat about 2-3 seats down from us. And yes, below the seat, he had those two coconut lanterns! 
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    think he made them himself?

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    Haha, no, don't think so, they looked "bought", but they were just peculiar!

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