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Hi Readers! Sorry for the one-month hiatus, I'm back now, and I'm writing from Abu Dhabi! *Yaay*

I really have a lot to say about the new place, mostly good things (for a change) but there's an incident tonight which may be the start of something of an "Omani" experience.

Note: Omani Experience = Bad

We live in an apartment. A beautiful one at that. The building is brand new; six months old, we were told. There are construction sites surrounding all four sides of our building. Jester goes potty during the day at the construction site directly in front of our building. It's filthy (as can be expected) - leftover biryani rice packs are thrown on the sand, paper cups, plastic bags; things you may expect to see on a construction site (where the workers must not have garbage dumps in their home country, of course). At night, the giant rats come out, I freak out sometimes when I look out my living room window and they're crawling about, I almost never open my Roman blinds. I can't wait till they pave over the rat-ty sand.

Anyway, because of the rats, Jester goes potty at night at a "packed" sand box at the apartment building next door. The sand pit looks damp, and is littered with a thousand cigarette butts, a few plastic bags and covered in patches of algae. Children sometimes play in the "sand box" barefoot in the evenings, with their parents standing by watching them - play barefoot in algae covered clay-looking sand covered with cigarette butts. Yeah, I don't know why parents here let their kids run barefoot here, this was also very common in Muscat.

So tonight, like any other night, we were going potty at the "sand box". Before we got there, we were stopped by a very polite building watchman. He told us that people had complained about a woman who takes her dog to the sandbox where children played (he left out barefoot). He apologized for what he had to say so I politely pointed out to him, I said "Look, I understand what you are saying, and it's no problem, we will go somewhere else, but do you see all these *pointed to cigarette butts*, and those *pointed to plastic bags* and these green things *pointed to algae*? Do you see any poo?

He shook his head, and I said "Yes, because I pick up every time *waves poopy bag*, see?" The guy apologized again and explained that he was only telling me because of the complaints. I told him that I was not offended and thanked him then took Jester somewhere else - a few feet away, a sand covered sidewalk.

Apparently the building owner had wanted to put some grass and lawn chairs in the sand box at a later time. So I guess, having urine there ruins the soil. On the other hand, cigarette butts must be a good alternative.

But, what is the deal here? People let their children play in the dirt, there's probably broken glass lying around too, but a little urine which will probably seep deep into the sand anyway is harmful to their kids?

I'm sorry but I don't get it. This only strengthens my opinion that people should have a licence to have children. You gotta have a licence to have dogs, don't you? What more another human being?   
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I guess they don't understand that urine is uncontaminated. It is sterile (unlike poop which is dangerous.) But it does keep grass from growing and will leave a big empty spot on the lawn. But most dogs seem to choose trees to mark their territory, at least the boy dogs do!

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    No, they really don't understand anything. All they know is their religious texts say that dogs are dirty. Also, I didn't know at the time that they were going to plant grass, all there is is 2 big plots of clay-like dirt littered with cigarette butts :)

    Well, it's not really a problem though, there's plenty of sandy areas we can go to :)

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