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I've been walking our two dogs the past couple of weeks and I must say that it wasn't easy. Yes, we recently adopted our second shelter dog and her name is Ginger. Anyway, it wasn't that walking Jester and Ginger is hard, it's the dealing with the blue collar workers that is the difficult part.

The area in which we live is still under development. As it is, we are surrounded by apartments and office buildings, but more of these are still being built. Therefore, construction workers gather at almost every corner of the streets surrounding the apartment, and most of these workers are afraid of dogs.

So, being a person who is afraid of dogs; would you
a) make kissing sounds to attract the dog(s)
b) make clicking sounds and snap your fingers as you walk very closely behind the dog(s)
c) walk very close to the dog(s) then stop and make intense eye contest (like if you intend to win a staring contest)

If I was a person who is afraid of dogs I would choose none of the above.

Sadly, this is not the case. Everyday as I walk my two dogs, workers going home from work walk along side us like they're walking them (too) on an invisible leash. Some would stop walking and stare at the dog(s). However, in most cases, the worker would do actions (a) and (b) to try to attract the attention of animals they are afraid of. Not a very smart move and it's something I cannot begin to understand. When this happens, I stop and let them move along, if they don't, I ask if they want to pet the dog(s), usually the worker would take a few steps back, apparently mortified that I would ask such a horrifying thing!

(My "vicious" dogs)

What happened this evening however, was something only a comedian would write for a slapstick comedy; I was walking the two dogs along the side of the street, intending to throw a bag of recyclables into the recycling bin. TWO steps behind us was a group of maybe four or five workers. Literally TWO steps. I don't know what compelled the group to walk so close to two medium size dogs who could very well maul someone if they so choose to. Anyway, I ignore them and tightened my grip on their dual leash - in case they go nuts. Then, one of the workers started whistling and clicking his tongue. So, I stopped walking, turned around (and so did Jester and Ginger), faced the worker(s) and said "You want to pet my dogs? Who was calling them?" The worker standing in the front of the line got so shocked that he almost fell over on his colleagues. The rest of the workers started shaking their heads in unison. It was funny.

Let me assure you that I am not a mean person. I've just had enough of trying to keep my dogs from eating one of these workers. For some strange reason, the dogs go crazy every time they see these blue collar workers. They start barking their heads off. The last thing I want is for them to attract the dogs' attention and get bitten.

I choose to see it as educating them (the workers) on having some common sense when it comes to dogs, or any other animal for that matter; if you are afraid of it, very quietly walk away!
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