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An egg tray is something you'd never think you'd need, but once you get one, you won't know why in the world you never owned one before - putting one of these in your refrigerator instantly makes it classier; or at least the way I see it.

(Porcelain Egg Tray from ©Lakeland)

After hearing about this "kitchenware" store in one of the new malls here in Abu Dhabi from several friends; and an invitation to share a taxi with one of our neighbors to the mall, we headed to Mushrif Mall yesterday. It was Eid, and the place wasn't at all crowded (malls here are usually  crowded), in fact, in some of the sections were quite empty. I love Fridays and holidays around this part of the world, on Fridays, the workers get a day off from the construction sites around our apartment and I suppose the residents either chill at home or crowd the malls; either way, the streets are empty and I always call it "ghost town". Sometimes a Styrofoam box/piece would roll along like how tumbleweeds do in the ol' towns.

Anyway, one will find most of the baking necessities in the supermarkets here, however, some items are hard to come by and some are non-existent. One of the non-existent items are Madeleine trays. Since leaving mine is Korea when we moved, I've been searching everywhere for these. I've always taken a peek at baking aisles "just to check" if they restocked. Of course, they couldn't restock something that they didn't order. Lakeland's not only had the trays, they are great quality ones! And to quote their website is, "a heavy duty construction that will not twist or warp, with a double layer of durable Quantum 2 non-stick to see you through years of home baking"

(The tray I got. Original website here)

As soon as we got home, I baked a batch of these;

The tray worked extremely well; why? Because I forgot to butter and flour the tray before spooning the batter in and nothing happened! I did the same thing once in Korea with my tin tray and the whole batch was ruined. Luckily that tray was stupid and only had five molds. I mean, why FIVE? Even if people were making half a dozen, it would have to be six!

I got a few other little things from the store because everything was irresistible. There will be a lot of cooking and baking this week; specifically; hosting two dinner parties. I better get to work.

Till next time! 
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