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Ever had to play wire maze with your cables? Y'know, needing to unplug something from the power source but because all your computer wires are entwined together in an impossible knot, you have to grab a random one and follow it back to the source? Kinda like when we were kids and had to connect the dots with a crayon to help the rabbit to its carrot (or a mouse to its cheese). Yeah, like that.

Well, I never had this problem because when I set up my computer/laptop myself, I make sure to twist/zip tie the cables individually according to length so that they don't dangle and/or tangle themselves. I don't understand why they don't teach this in school. It's so convenient, neat, and say, if there's a fire and you need to save your beloved keyboard (or mouse), you know exactly which cable to pluck!

Anyway, Eric set up my desktop computer when we moved here, and let's just say that he never learned how to tie-up cables in school. For weeks (okay, I procrastinated!) I see the giant knot of wires dangling from behind my work desk and for weeks I'd say "today I need to tie those up", but every time I wanted to get into it, I panic just a little because the knot is GIANT and every cable is curled around another. Once my webcam stopped working and needed to be unplugged and plugged in again. I couldn't find which USB port its cable led to, so I got very angry, ran away from the computer and took a nap with the doggies. What if I didn't have doggies?!

I love my husband but I don't know how he sleeps at night!

This morning, I realized that I couldn't concentrate on my Zuma Blitz game on Facebook because the nagging at the back of my head gets louder every day that I don't get those wires in check.

So I got to work. I turned the computer off, crawled under my table, played wire maze and helped each rabbit find its carrot - without crossing into another rabbit's path.

Oh, and of course, after organizing the cables, I went a step further and made little labels for each of them; because, like I said, if there's a fire, I could easily save my portable drive loaded with precious pictures, music, movies, etc.

To make labels;
1. In intelligible writing (or print), name wires on a piece of paper
2. Cut paper into desired size(s) - (I used graph paper so that every piece is the same height)
3. Wrap labels in clear tape (or laminate if desired)
4. Attach to cables. Voila! Done!

And always remember; dear readers, organizing is fun!!

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  1. jamieywrites Says:

    Good one Jillian! Love the labels

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    Thanks Jamie :) It was fun making them too!

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