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I had to tell off a maid who is working in our building today. Yes HAD to. I'm not proud of it but I would be lying if I said I didn't draw some satisfaction from giving her an earful.

Here's why.

First of all, I don't get why a large number of people think that elevators would arrive sooner if they hit both the "Up" and "Down" buttons at the same time. Yes, the elevator would come sooner, but then it would take you the wrong direction, so why do that? Just hit the right button and wait! Anyway, both buttons were already hit when the doggies and I came into the apartment lobby yesterday.

We were going up, so when the doors to the elevator which was going down opened, we continued waiting. Then, out of nowhere (well, from outside really), the maid ran into the lobby, pushed past us, and took the elevator (which was going up) that just arrived. And because she pushed past us and startled the dogs a little, Ginger got close enough to sniff her clothes as she was brushing past us. She gave me a look with the utmost annoyance as the elevator doors closed. I get it, she didn't want to be in the elevator with the dogs (and hates dogs - and therefore hates humans), but;
a) she has to wait her turn and
b) I would have let her have it first if she hadn't pushed past us

I was not happy.

I'm not being petty. We treat everyone in the building with respect, be it they are residents or their help. I personally do not agree with the way some of the domestic helpers are being treated here and I want to do my part in treating people like human beings. Both Eric and I have held doors opened for this particular maid even though she has never said Thank You. Many times after we held the building doors open for her, she would march past us and straight into an elevator. I've even smiled at her several times but only gotten either blank expressions or scowls back.

I would look past the rudeness (she probably never had a proper upbringing) if not for the pushing.

I saw her again this morning as I was heading into the lobby.

Me: Hey, listen, I didn't like it when you RAN in from outside and PUSH past us and RAN into the elevator yesterday. They're shared elevators, you can't just run in and push past people, you have to wait. What is wrong with you?

The Maid: *indignant lookI didn't run

Me: Ok, then you can't just WALK in from outside and PUSH past people and WALK into the elevator like that. We were here first, you have to wait your turn.

The Maid: *continues staring at me*

Me: You better not do that again, I don't like that

She didn't answer.

I think I was being very polite about it. I didn't even call her a b*tch. I only did that in my head.

How else should I have handled this? I shouldn't get pushed aside by a domestic helper!
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