Jillian R.
My two little doggies; they're like two little children. Here's why.

Of late we've noticed that Ginger seems to be idolizing Jester. Like a younger sister who copies whatever her older brother does, she follows him from room to room, tries to play with his toys (which Jester doesn't allow) and cries when Jester takes her toys away from her.

And of course, Jester is the grouchy older brother who loves his sister dearly but would not admit it and would protect her with his life. Every time we walk them, Jester is always on the alert for street cats, cars, motorcycles, and garbage pickers who might harm his little sister; who's a little bit of a scaredy cat - which is ironic, because Ginger is bigger and stronger than Jester.

Anyway, Ginger is dubbed the "Bottomless Pit" because she would gobble up all the food in sight within a few seconds during their meals while Jester slowly and regally chews his food. Generally, unlike most dogs, food is not a major issue with Jester. Before Ginger was adopted, Jester would often skip meals altogether. With her around, he would usually eat 3/4 of the food in his bowl and leaves her some (because in his mind, his parents are mean and don't feed his sister enough, that's why she's hungry all the time). It took weeks, but we finally taught her to finish her food, then sit and wait for Jester to finish eating, then walk away from his bowl before she dives into his food.

The past two days however, I've noticed that Ginger is doing something so cute that I want to shriek and hug her so tight that I might choke her. Like I said before, she likes to copy whatever Jester does; she had been leaving a few bits of food in her bowl too (remember, she's a Bottomless Pit!)!! So she leaves the food, backs away from it, sits and waits for Jester to finish his 3/4 bowl. Then after he finishes, she gobbles up whatever they both left!

I can't honestly say that I love anything more in my life right now than these little babies.

 (Ginger laying on the green blanket that is now torn to shreds and Jester snuggling on her) 
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2 Responses
  1. Shearn Says:

    Awwwww, that's so cute :D

    Will you get another dog?

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    A third dog? No I don't think so, these 2 are quite a handful!

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