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Here's today's short story.

I was taking the babies to go potty outside. When the elevator doors opened, a father was inside carrying his (maybe 2 year old) daughter. I immediately said "Go ahead, we will take another one" - like I always do, but his immediate reaction was to hit the ">l<" (close) button while saying repeatedly "No, no, no.no, no..."

I guess by now I don't have to say the nationality of the father-daughter pair.

Anyway, right outside the apartment building, there they were again; father and daughter  standing in the car park, the father was just watching the little girl stare at the street. Cute little girl actually. As soon as they saw us, the father picked up the girl and get this - STARTED FOLLOWING US DOWN THE STREET.

I really wouldn't mind it as much if the father is not also making (and teaching) barking sounds. I get it, maybe they don't see dogs much and he wanted to teach the girl animal sounds, but this guy followed us across the street and watched the doggies pee!! All the while barking and making mock growls. I tried my very best to ignore them.

As soon as both of them finished their business, I turned to the man, who had by then been standing only 2 feet away from us (you'd think he was afraid of dogs) and had the following friendly conversation with the man;

Me: You really shouldn't be teaching your daughter to bark at dogs. Some dogs would jump at her and hurt her. She's only a little girl

Man: Oh ok, but they are nice huh?

Me: Yes, but other dogs, I don't know *smile*

Man: Ok, thank you

So, it sounds like I have done my part in educating someone today - even though the lesson will surely be forgotten the next time the man sees a dog.
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