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It seems that a day cannot go by without a dog-related incident.

It was 4.30pm. A time of day where construction workers gather along street corners to catch up on how many bricks they laid that day or to compare who has had the most street-corner-gatherings that day; we would never know, would we?

Anyway, at 4.30pm today I took the doggies out for their late afternoon potty-time. There was an atypically small gathering by their usual spot. So I decided not to walk further. While Jester was circling, a group of three construction workers approached; one of them whistled to get the dogs' attention. 

The dogs (and I) ignored it at first, but the worker kept whistling and then started snapping his dirty fingers. So, Jester and Ginger, being dogs, responded - they approached the whistling, finger snapping man. I didn't do much to stop them because whatever it was, the worker must have had it coming, right?


The worker got startled that a dog came as he whistled and snapped his fingers. Yes! So his reaction was to bend his foot as if he was getting ready to kick Jester in the face.

(Like this, see. Except Jester isn't so small. And the other dog on the right is Ginger. She just stood there watching as all of this was happening)

So I snapped.

I started yelling "YOU KICKED MY DOG? YOU CALLED THEM, THEN YOU KICKED MY DOG?" as he ran away. Yes, the coward ran away as Jester started barking and growling at him thinking that I might have been in danger. All the gathered workers started paying attention to the scene that was being created. One of the stupid worker's friends ran after him while the third one stayed behind and tried to control the yelling woman - me. I kept yelling that I was going to call the police. The third worker then backed away too.

So, I don't get it. WHY? Why call a dog if you are afraid of it even coming near you? WHY?!

Anyway, Jester was so riled up after that that he couldn't get on with his business, so I had to walk them further. Which brings us to the second idiot of the day. On the way back, we encountered another construction worker who just stood by the street corner and stared at me - which is another thing I don't get. Okay, so you find a (wo)man attractive, so you look, not stare and creep him/her out. And again, Jester being my little hero, turned around and started barking at the man. I know this his behavior isn't one that should be praised, but in my heart I smiled a happy smile - Jester, my little hero.
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