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I know I haven't written anything since we went on vacation. It's been a little over two weeks since we came home; things have been quite chaotic around the apartment, what with the ex-maid who might or might not have a party in our apartment during our absence, or cooked for a thousand people using our kitchen supplies - we'll never know. Oh, and she un-potty trained our dogs as well. 

Like I said, things have been a bit chaotic and hopefully everything goes back on track soon and so will my blog. I have quite a number of things lined up that you will probably find interesting.

Today, I just want to write a quick rant about the construction worker situation around our building. I won't say where these people are from; but let's just say they are definitely from not-so-rich countries. However, regardless of ones background, everyone has common sense. Or so I thought.

Imagine this; the dogs were out doing their business in front of our apartment building (where some construction is going on, but the area is fairly clean and safe) when Jester got spooked by a certain pajama-like-wearing worker who kept staring at us. This guy wasn't anywhere close to us or I would've said something. Here's the thing about Jester; it seems that he could see into a person's soul and he could pick out the one evil dude from a cluster of 10 dudes - and wants to tear him to shreds. Anyway, Jester didn't like this pajama-wearing dude. He started barking with lifted hackles. The pajama dude walked away but Jester was already on alert mode and this got Ginger (the calmer, more submissive of the two) spooked as well and she wouldn't go potty.

So, I had to walk them to another spot. And this was where the "scene du jour" happened. A worker (with soul-less eyes) started moseying towards us. For some reason this guy immediately got Jester hyped up again. So he started barking and growling with hackles up. What does this guy do? No, nothing like you would do. He continued moseying forward, eyes unblinking, staring at the dog, isn't this one of the important lessons that parents teach their children? If you see an angry dog, do not make eye contact, do not run, and of course, everyone knows not to approach the dog! This guy kept coming closer! And at this point Jester was ready to attack. I had him on a very short leash and even I was afraid that he would turn and bite me. When this guy got within Jester's reach, he stopped moving and get this; he kept staring!

I've had enough so I started yelling at him to go away. He stared at me with his soul-less eyes, so I gestured for him to leave. After about two minutes, he finally got it and walked away, but even as he was crossing the street, he kept turning back to stare! 

Of course, as this was going on; lots of barking, lots of stupidity and lots of yelling, 20-30 workers crept out from the street corners to watch - me and my doggies; the stars of the show. Now they could all go home happy because they got to watch something exciting besides staring at construction materials day in and day out.
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  1. Ginny Finger Says:

    That is amazing that people think they can stare down a snarling dog. Be sure you keep your doors locked. Maybe the starers were at the maid's party.

  2. Jillian R. Says:

    These people probably did not grow up with dogs or know enough about dogs to act rationally around dogs. I don't blame them, but it's just common sense in this case; I take myself for example, if I were to see an animal I'm not familiar with, and if that animal were to make sounds at me, I'd walk away!! These people are not human!

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