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I know I rant quite a bit about the construction workers around our building (or anywhere really, around this part of the world), like in one of my last entries, and they (the construction workers) are often the source of my violent screaming fits on the streets.

So being from certain parts of the world, I understand the fact that they are perhaps not raised around domesticated dogs and/or if they encounter a dog, the dog is about to eat them. I can't say I blame the dogs, seeing how they are treated. The workers (and sometimes local teenagers/kids) would stare at our dogs with creepy, unblinking eyes (which I think is because the are dead inside - due to their harsh working conditions). Some would whistle under their breaths so that we can't hear them but the dogs would and the whistling creeps Jester out and he starts barking. Ginger would sort of shuffle away nervously. Anyway, besides staring and whistling, often they would call out to the dog by making kissy sounds and snapping their fingers - and if we make ANY movement towards them with the dogs they panic and run away.

Yeah. Like I said, they grew up around dogs who were out to eat them.

Now, look at these pictures;

These were taken one fine afternoon when we took the dogs out to a friend's place with a yard to run around. The doggies were loaded in the back, but as we were setting up the GPS navigator, the dogs started barking and growling.

 ("La-la-la, I wasn't looking....mmm, mmm" thinks the guy in gray. The one in the striped shirt is pretending to look at our back tire. C'mon, REALLY?)

 (One guy tried to cover his face with his hands but wasn't doing a very good job)

I turned around and sure enough, we had attracted quite a spectacle. These workers were gathered around our car like they were watching a snake dance, only this was MORE interesting! THERE WERE DOGS IN THE CAR!! What?! How?! While some merely stared soullessly, their friends were pointing and making faces at the dogs. 

It didn't help that Eric did not find the location immediately and as he was jabbing around the navigator screen going "Where is it?!!", I rolled down my window and yelled at them to go away. The barking and growling was getting very loud and it certainly was not good for my bad ear. Yes, I have a bad ear that throbs inside when I hear loud noises and I had just had a CT scan two days ago; not too anxious about the results.

Anyway, the more I yell, the more fun and exciting for them it became and MORE of them started gathering around our car. So I whipped out my camera and started snapping pictures

And so, they finally dispersed. The show was over. Awww.

Thank you for reading. More next time.

Grumpy Lady Who Yells at Workers
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