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I can't say I've never stolen anything in my life. I think everyone has, at some point stolen something; maybe a candy bar or little knick-knacks that don't matter.

Today however, I stole something out in the open - I stole a taxi.

I had just finished a 2-hour blood test at a hospital (which is really one of the best I've been here so far) and was waiting for a taxi out in the heat. Luckily it was only about 10am and the sun wasn't really burning my skin (yet). When I got to the bus stop/taxi line there were already a group of workers standing around. They were kind of huddled together so I'm not sure if they (maybe about five) were together or they were in fact waiting for more than one taxi (or if they were waiting for a bus). 

Anyway, I didn't cut in front of them or anything, I just waited behind them. As soon as I saw an approaching taxi I immediately stuck my arm out. Then I noticed that they stuck theirs out as well. What happened next wasn't entirely my fault. The taxi ignored them and came in front of me. So I got in and pretended that I didn't see one of the workers coming towards the door.

During the ride home I started thinking and realizing the sad truth; if they were a different color, the taxi driver would've stopped for them. As for me, I would've offered them the taxi if it wasn't that hot. Or maybe I wouldn't. I don't know. I can't say.

Although, I don't think the taxi driver would be very happy with me if I hadn't jumped in. I can't imagine he would be happier if five workers squeezed themselves into the car. Right?
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