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I think there is a very simple reason why some people will always remain as domestic helpers; People Skills. This is no great discovery of course, but I have two stories of my own encounters with domestic helpers which makes me think; "Good for them!".

The thing which holds the door open (then closes it slowly) in our garbage chute room is broken and has been broken for months. The building supervisor knows it's broken but has never fixed it. Anyway, instead of closing slowly, the heavy door swings shut behind us quickly, and I've always been afraid that one fine day, the lock will be faulty too and I'd be trapped in the garbage room for hours, screaming for help in that smelly room would be an absolute nightmare. I usually use my leg to keep the door opened while I quickly throw my garbage bag down the chute.

Last night, when I took the garbage out, one of our neighbors' maid was in the chute room rinsing out a garbage can (and therefore selfishly wetting the whole area. I don't know why she's not allowed to do that in the house) - with the door closed. So I opened the door and waited for her patiently. When she looked up, I smiled and said a cheery hello. What did she do? NOTHING! No acknowledgement that anyone was even there, even though I held the door opened and allowing her some fresh air. Nothing!

This of course, reminds me of another encounter. This one far more aggravating. So much so that I felt like slapping the woman right there and then.

This happened in the public bathroom of a mall here. I went into the same bathroom twice that day. Once after a meal and again after I drank lots of tea. I don't like to shop with a full bladder. The first time I was in there, the bathroom was a little crowded, and the bathroom cleaning lady (who had the most sour-looking face in the world, I noticed) was busily mopping away while the bathroom patrons walked all over the spots that she just mopped. As soon as a stall became available I went in, but as it turned out the toilet would not flush. I tried several times but it just wouldn't flush. So, I came out and told the cleaning lady "I'm sorry, it won't flush". I said I was sorry because I've always hated people who use public toilets and feel that they're above flushing. The cleaning lady, without saying a word or making eye-contact, walked into the stall, touched the button and it flushed! I was feeling a bit annoyed but it didn't really affect me very much.

Like I said, two glasses of iced tea later, I was back in the bathroom. This time, only the stall with the broken flush was empty. What luck! So I used it, and attempted to flush, many times. I even pressed different sides of the huge button hoping that that would work - it didn't. So I went out and again, Sour Face was there. just standing by the sinks. Again I said, "It wouldn't flush, I tried". And again, she didn't acknowledge my existence, she just walked into the stall and flushed the toilet. So like any normal person, I smiled and said "I guess it just doesn't like me". Sour Face just would not look at me!! Not even making eye contact. Rage started to build inside of me and I asked her a bit louder "Hey, can you speak?" No answer, nothing. So I called her an idiot and left. I really felt like slapping her, maybe then she would say something.

See, I don't understand! What is wrong with these people? I get that they don't have the best jobs in the world, and the people they meet are often not the nicest, but at least I'm trying to be nice! I'm really trying to be a better person but sometimes it's just too hard. I'm not exactly looking for people to react to me with warmth or whatever, but a nod, or an "Ok" would be nice!

However, I do realize one thing; that if being nice is so hard, it must be good for our soul, right? 
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