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I'd say yesterday was quite emotional. The shipping company movers came down, packed everything into boxes (very efficiently, I must say) and within a couple of hours they were gone; taking with them four cubic meters of clothes and other odds and ends which we accumulated over the years in Korea.

I remember moving houses quite often as a child; once when I was 5, then again at 6, 8, and finally settling down at my parents' current house (in Penang) when I was 10. Not only did we move houses, I had to change schools too. It wasn't that we moved to a different State or anything. Penang is a small island, you could probably drive around it within 2 hours. My dad however, did not believe that a school should take more than 5-10 mins to get to in the morning. My parents drove me to school every day.

Anyway, my point is, I'm used to moving; but moving as a child is nothing compared to moving as an adult. 
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