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First of, some pregnancy updates. I had mild contractions all night, and during the more intense ones I'd go "this is it!" but they either faded away or made me want to go pee again. So, slept through the discomfort and woke up at 3.30 am like every other night and couldn't go back to sleep until 4.30 am - like every other night.

Now, an update on the post yesterday about my Maid from Hell (MFH). In her text to me 10 minutes before she was supposed to show up for work, she asked if instead of her usual afternoon shift, she could start work at 8 am this morning. Oh yeah, she just sets her own work time and then asks me if it's alright. Since I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and having her work in the morning is really more convenient anyway, I agreed. I was also hoping to get our money that she owed and my cookbook back.

I really wasn't expecting her to arrive on time, and just like I thought, she arrived 10 minutes late. And here's where it gets a little funny. She told me she had the cold yesterday and was still not feeling quite well - to be fair, she did sound like she had the cold. She said she dropped by to pay us the money and return my cookbook but was it okay if she skipped work today. I said alright. Then, she adds "I'll come tomorrow at 12.45 pm". Really, it's like, she's the boss, deciding when she shows up for work; but what was I supposed to do? A person with the flu (if she really has it, or else she's quite a good actress) drops by, pays me and says she doesn't want to infect a pregnant me with the cold and I fire her? What kind of monster would I be?

Anyway, I agreed to let her come in to work tomorrow afternoon - but I don't really know what will be left for her to do.

See, I had wanted her to clean my balcony in our bedroom, which has no hose. So to clean it, one would have to carry a bucket of water from the bedroom's attached bathroom out there and rinse it. I really didn't want to be carrying buckets of water but I thought if I waited for my MFH, it will never ever get done. So I did it myself. It is now all sparkly and clean. The "winter" season is coming up in the UAE (which is not really winter, it is more like a warm fall) and we are planning to sit out on the balcony sipping tea!

I then went outside and hose down my backyard too. Every thing is pretty much done. What's left for the MFH to do?
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