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This is it, the final entry for the month of September. I'm actually quite proud of myself. In the midst of all the moving, unpacking, pregnancy and maid drama, I managed to squeeze in five entries this month. 

Here's just a quick update on the baby.

My actual due date is in 10 days. Yes, 10 days!! I'm going through a roller coaster of emotions that I can't even begin to describe. Besides fearing the pain of childbirth - which I STILL don't know why every mother tells me that I will forget once the baby is in my arms; I mean, how can you forget the pain of another human being coming out of you when it's not easy to forget the pain of the morning after a very spicy meal (you know what I mean?)?

Anyway, yes, besides fearing the pain of giving birth, I'm afraid of all the usual things, will my baby be allergic to my dogs? Because there's no way we're giving up our dogs. It's not even a thought that should enter anyone's heads that they should give up a pet, whose basically family just because they are having a baby. You find ways around it. There's the fear of not knowing what to do with the baby (although we have engaged a post natal doula) and a myriad of other concerns, some crazier than others...

A week ago, we went to my OBGYN who told us that the baby was coming either that night itself, or within the next couple of days - 19 days early. Now, I honestly don't know why she would say that and get our hopes up and not to mention sending me into a panicky frenzy. So we came home and got prepared for the birth. So that was a week ago, up till today, no baby! It's been getting a bit tiresome driving in the city every other day, and like I said before the doctor just sends me home to wait some more.

This is it for today. I have to go shower and get ready for the Maid from Hell's arrival. I have some heavy household chores for her to do today which I really shouldn't be doing myself in my condition. And yes, do not worry, any incompetence shall be well documented in my next entry!
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