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I was in the shower when I thought of this story and thought I would share. Yeah, I don't know why the shower, I guess I'm always thinking about things in the shower because I always do everything in the same order so I use the time to reflect on y'know, things...

I was kept in the hospital for 24 hours after giving birth to the baby. I gave birth late in the evening so I was all pumped up with adrenaline (or excitement or happiness, I don't know) and didn't sleep a wink that night. Eric paid for a cot and slept in our room, he slept like a baby, along with the real baby; Scarlett. Hence, I spent the whole night reading articles online on my slow mobile internet and oh, Facebook. Thank God for good ol' Facebook, there's always someone around.

The next morning however, the adrenaline wore off and I was finally feeling drowsy. Eric had to drive home to pick up some items for me and the baby because I was admitted so suddenly that we forgot a lot of things - like a baby blanket, poor Scarlett spent the night wrapped in a terry cloth towel.

So I was dozing off when the nurse came in to give the baby a bath. I was more than happy to let her bathe Scarlett because I didn't know how to bathe babies and was relying on my post-natal; doula to show me when we all got home. Anyway, getting to watch and learn right there in the hospital was great.

However, the nurse turned out to be really nosy, and I wished I had just stayed in bed and pretended to be asleep!

First of all, it's almost a daily occurrence that Filipinos here just assume that I am one of them and start speaking rapid Tagalog to me. Since moving here three years ago, "Are you Filipino?" has quickly become one of the most popular questions Filipinos ask me. I don't get it though, why do Filipinos assume that every Asian is one of them. Asian friends in other countries tell me the same thing, we all share the same feelings about the phrase "Are you Filipino?". There's nothing wrong with being Filipino, I just can't understand why they never ask "Where are you from?" instead of just assuming. There are even some who ARGUE with me where I come from (why does it even matter?!).

The Other Person: Are you Filipino?
Me: No, I'm Malaysian
Person: But you look Filipino

No, I don't.

Anyway, the nurse came in and the first thing out of her was "You Filipina?"
Me: No, I'm Malaysian

So she tells me she was there to bathe the baby, I said okay and as she was setting up the bath;

Nurse: You look like Filipino
Me: Yeah, I've been told (I don't. Not even a little)
Nurse: Your husband is Malaysian?
Me: *Thinks "Omg, really?" * No
Nurse: Where is he from?
Me: The States
Nurse: Do you work?
Me: *REALLY??* No
Nurse: Housewife?
Me: Yeah
Nurse: Your husband work?
Me: Yeah
Nurse: What is his work?
Me: Is the water warm?
Nurse: Yes, where do you stay?
Me: *I told her the area where we live* (I don't know why I told her, she wore me down!)
Nurse: Is it near *quotes a random place on the other end of Abu Dhabi*?
Me: No, it's on the other side
Nurse: I don't know it

I walked back to my bed, if I hadn't her next question would probably be when do I get my periods!

See! So annoying, I felt like I was being interrogated! Some people have no boundaries! The interrogation (and probably judging) continues after the bath.

Nurse: Do you have clean clothes for baby?
Me: No, her father went home to get some (we brought only one onesie thinking babies don't get dirty within 24 hours - they don't). The one she wore is still clean, just put her in it.
Nurse: How come you don't bring clean clothes?
Me: ...because her father is bringing some now!

She then reluctantly dressed Scarlett and left us alone. The same nurse tended to me a few more times but Eric was there and strangely she never asked me any more questions. 

Probably scared off by the sight of a bald, scruffy guy who hadn't had enough sleep in two days!
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