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After posting my last entry, I went to my OB/GYN for a check up and was subsequently sent to the hospital to give birth. Baby Scarlett was born on October 1st, a happy, healthy baby. I will post a separate entry about her incredible journey into the world very soon.

For now, here's the conclusion (I know, many of you don't want the saga to end!) to my Maid from Hell (MFH) entries.

In my last entry, I mentioned that I was getting ready to wait for MFH to come clean the house. Well, guess what? She never showed up! We left for the doctor's office about three hours after she was scheduled to show up.

Fast forward two days later, while I was recovering from childbirth, I got a text from her saying she was sorry for not turning up and the reason was, surprise surprise! She was not feeling well! Every time she hasn't turned up so far was because she has a cold, or has severe backache, or hip ache. I don't know, maybe she isn't fit for physical work or something, but let me just say that this girl is 24 years old! I'm 28 this year and I've been cleaning after not one but two furry dogs every day and I don't see myself having such severe back or hip aches!

Anyway, from my hospital cot, with stitches from popping out a human being, I texted her back telling her the baby was born and asked why she didn't even call or text to inform us that she wasn't coming. In the same text I also said that was very unreliable of her. Her response? I'm going to write what she replied verbatim because it's hilarious!

"Congradulation madam. If you think like that its up to u madam. I was on bed all the day yday and didn't get energy to even text to u. Was really sick. When do u need me to come? sory for didn't come yesterday. Thanks. Take care!"

Funny, right? I mean, I just gave birth, and I had no trouble texting. Was her ailment so bad that her fingers were too weak to type a few words?

Anyway, I thought the house had not been cleaned for a few days and we were bringing the baby home, so we might as well have her come in, clean then quickly look for a replacement if necessary. So I told her to come today, 9 am. She agreed. However, she later texted back saying she had another appointment that she had forgotten about (see, she FORGETS appointments!) and could not make it at 9 am, and was 11.30 am alright? See, again, it's like she's the boss, she dictates whatever time she wants to come and work!

Well, in the end I told she could come today at 2.45 pm. She never showed. No text. No call. She got fired via a text message from me. The end.

I think I've had it. I've been running up and down the stairs already anyway, I think I am going to save myself and everyone around me the trouble by just cleaning my own house like I always have. I kind of like to clean anyway.
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