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I thought the Maid from Hell (MFH) chapter has been concluded, but I was wrong. Here's another "gem" of a story.

First though, we now live in a community. It is no longer city living where it's every apartment for themselves and people suffering in silence should anything go wrong until the problem goes away (although it hardly ever does). No, we are now in a large community with a closely moderated Facebook group where people here rant about anything from parking problems, to reporting nannies with unattended children, asking about where to buy organic artisan bread to classifieds.

So after my ordeal with MFH, I posted on the group warning people that there was a very unreliable housemaid/nanny working within the community and should anyone need or be interested in more information to message me directly and I would release her name. I must have had at least 20-30 requests within the 12 hour period that I had the post up until one woman (who probably is a maid herself) had to ruin it for everyone - I won't get into that, I don't want to offend.

To the people, mostly women who were interested, I sent MFH's name and only that she was late every day the first week, two hours late throughout the second and third week and not even showing up sometimes without so much as a courtesy call. No, I didn't say anything about her folding my glossy cookbook nor her below-standard cleaning methods.

Apparently, that was enough.

Two days after the group post I got a call from her - so her phone works after all!! She sounded like she was crying on the phone, otherwise that was some pathetic voice she made up to get sympathy.

Then the lies started.

At first, she asked if I complained about her on the group, because several of the households she was working for asked her what she did, and one of them apparently wanted their key back (I never gave her our key, thank heavens!). I said I did, and then launched into a long-ish lecture about how she can't treat people this way, all I wanted from her was a courtesy call if she was to be late or can't show up for work.

She apologized and said everything was her fault - which was nice of her I suppose, instead of arguing. It was the lies that I couldn't forgive! Here are some of the things she said to get me to remove the post (which was already removed at that point)

- Cited personal problems; "It's all my fault, I have a lot of personal problems
(Then she shouldn't have bitten off more than she can chew, I think she was working for at least eight households in our community)

- "My phone dropped into the toilet on Thursday (yes, just mentioned a random day!) so I couldn't call you"
(I didn't know what Thursday she was talking about, but she got all my messages fine and still had my phone number so that was an obvious lie, like I said, this girl isn't very smart!)

- I was saying she was late every time and sometimes not even showing up. She said "...but I thought you didn't want me to come"
(WHAT? Then why did I tell her time and time again that I waited for her without her turning up? Another desperate lie)

- After all that, here was the cherry on the cake! "If you need help, I have friends that I can recommend to help you, madam"
(To which I replied "NO! I don't want any more help from you!)

- Then seeing that I wasn't buying her lies, she tried to turn it on me; "but you told me not to come"
(Yes, yes I did, but that was the day she was already an hour late and got herself fired)

She went on with a few more lies but I was no longer listening. I did hear that she was barred from coming into our community (we have guard houses at all the entrances). I felt bad for a second before I reminded myself that someone could possibly waited for her to babysit and having her not turn up and consequently miss an important meeting.

At that point, Scarlett started crying so I told her I hoped she learnt her lesson, good luck and hung up. 

I think she has effectively put me off all maids. Well done!
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