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We moved into our new place when I was seven months pregnant, with the help of a part-time maid (Eric had to work and he isn't much of a decorator. Anyway, the maid was not much help and we had to let her go after two weeks), I decorated the place the best I could but I had to deal with many challenges;

1. We're renting, therefore major renovations are out of the question
2. The house came with a very basic refrigerator, so we're keeping ours which is bigger and is just...better. So already facing space constraints, I have two refrigerators to deal with!
3. We had more cabinet space in the kitchen in our old place, and I have a lot of kitchen utensils and appliances that I can't give up


4. This new place has an open kitchen, so if it is not kept neat, the mess could be seen from the entire house and I just cannot have that.

Anyway, things just never really got done and organized perfectly but today, I decided that enough was enough. So, off we went to IKEA for some shelving, some men will be here tomorrow to install them. I cannot wait to clean up the mess in my kitchen. Sometimes when I'm in there with the mess, I just feel like hacking whatever I'm cooking into bits. I will share some before/after pictures - hopefully soon.

I also got some herbs and some organic soil to start a little garden on my balcony just like when we were living in Korea!

Busy, busy, but I just love productive days!

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