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I proudly proclaimed in my last post that I was going to do a daily post again. I thought I could blog on the phone during my many nursing sessions but I was quite wrong. Firstly, I don't really like blogging on my tiny touch keypad, I'm a traditional keyboard-tap-tap-tap girl and secondly my failure to do so lies in Scarlett not being a regular baby and she does not take long naps. She spends most of the day wanting attention and eye contact - yes, my four month old baby wants eye contact while nursing so I can't do very much during the day anymore.

Don't be fooled, this is the face of terror!

Anyway, with the little time I have, I still make food as healthy as I can, pack the husband a work lunch (there's no cafeteria where he works, and it's in the middle of the desert, the poor man!), I juice a delightful blend of fruits and vegetables everyday with our amazing Omega Slow Juicer (which every household should have, because it does so much, I'll get to that in a second), and make sure the fur around the house doesn't build up to an inch thick.

So, the slow juicer does not only extract pure juice from mostly any fruit, vegetable, nut (milk), and/or legume, in two months' time I'm all set to make baby food with it. The advantage of a slow juicer over the conventional kind(s) is that because it slowly grinds the juice out, we don't lose any nutrients to oxidization. And oh, it makes pasta (and bread sticks) too! I'm not getting paid to write any of this of course, I'm writing this because it is awesome!


So anyway, I still want to blog as often as I can though, because I'm starting to feel like I'm losing my ability to speak like a normal person after baby talking with the baby and dogs all day, every day. Tell me, how are you supposed to talk to dogs in a normal, adult voice? You can't.

In my last entry I said I was working on organizing my very crowded kitchen. I hadn't been able to because we have an extra refrigerator in the way and I hate things laying out all disorganized in plain sight so I stashed everything into the very little cabinet space (the said refrigerator became a weird storage box too)  I have and -- let's just say it's not working out!

Now that the shelves are up, I have a bit more room to work with, here are the before and after pictures as promised.

The rest of the kitchen is still not up to my standards and quite honestly I'm embarrassed by it. I think kitchens and bathrooms most of the time very accurately depict one's character, and I'm certainly not what my kitchen says about me right now. Hopefully there will be more redecorating of the house.

Until next time, let's just call this a once-in-a-while/every-other-day blog.

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