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Hello, I'm back after yet another long hiatus. Baby Scarlett is almost 4 months old now.

I'm never one to take the easy road (okay, I sometimes take the easy road), take making food from scratch, even though it's easier just to buy something, like soy milk for example, homemade soy milk is so much healthier without the added stabilizers and palm oil - why must they add oil to milk? Moreover, I really hate processed food because I always want to know what we're putting into our bellies. It is even more crucial now that we have a baby, I was not raised on processed food and neither should Scarlett.

Anyway, as a first time mom, I struggled with breastfeeding since the day she was born. After reading so much about the pros and cons of breastfeeding (there are no nutritional cons, by the way), during the pregnancy, I'm very determined to breast feed, even if I only make it to 6 months. The first month, I struggled with supply and lots of pain (engorgement, etc). I remember one night where the baby was screaming because she was hungry and I didn't have much milk and as I was holding the squirming, screaming baby, I was crying because it felt like a thousand needles were stabbing me in the chest. I then had to resort to supplementing with formula, I felt guilty even though it was just an ounce a day. I made the mistake of giving her the bottle for a couple of days and so by the second month, on top of supply issues, I was dealing with nipple confusion. Luckily, she was still latching at night so I at least my milk was still tailor-made for her. Scarlett has never been under the weather and I would like to think  that breast milk has something to do with it. By the third month, she was off formula but I was pumping all the time with what seems like no improvement in supply. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, we engaged the services of a lactation consultant which helped tremendously! Within a couple of days, Scarlett was no longer confused, so to speak. of which nipple she should drink from and fast forward to today, I haven't pumped in days and everyone is happy.

As a breastfed baby (no bottles at all), Scarlett seems much happier and even though I can't measure how much she drinks per feed anymore, I know she must be getting her fill because she doesn't need to feed as frequently. Nowadays I leave her in her Bumbo Seat or her bouncer, which we all refer to as The Bouncy Bouncy and she just sits there watching me cook or clean the house. It also helps that we have an open kitchen now, instead of that kitchen room at our old apartment in the city. Oh, I hated that kitchen with a passion! If one of us was in there, and the other one is somewhere else in the house, we had to scream so that we could be heard. The washing machine was also in there, a loud one at that, so we called that horrible kitchen The Engine Room.

Scarlett in her Bumbo

So, with an extra hour here and there, I think I could see myself writing again. I should have more stories soon.
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