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I'm sorry, I know I just posted a rant yesterday but I can't leave this one um, un-ranted!!

Before I go on, let me just say that this group post strikes a chord in me because I'm of Chinese descent, I'm not from China, but still, I'm Chinese, therefore, I often feel offended when I'm being associated with embarrassing behavior by other Chinese. It's a rather racist but common assumption that the Chinese are cheap. However, I've never seen cheap until I witnessed the following incident:-

It was 2009, my first trip to New York with Eric. We flew Cathay Pacific, therefore, the layover was in Hong Kong and from there, we flew to the US with a Chinese tour group, I don't know which part of China they were from because I don't speak Mandarin to ascertain their dialect or accent. Throughout the flight there were LOTS of open mouth coughing and sneezing and even though I loaded myself up with Vitamin C, I was still sick for the first three days whilst in NY. 

And now, are you ready for this? While waiting for our bags at Baggage Claim, about 10,000 sacks started rolling out on the carousel. Okay, it was about 50 bags, but they all rolled out at once, these bundles were each wrapped in a black sheet, tied with a red string/rope. I happened to be standing quite close to the Chinese tourists who were waiting for their bags (it was their's because I saw them picking the sacks up - no idea how they were going to determine which sack belonged to whom) and I quickly moved away; because I didn't want to be associated with them, it's not racist, this is BEYOND cheap. I mean, I think they were trying to save weight (can't waste a single kilo on the luggage!!) but c'mon! I saw airport authority changing looks with each other and I remember feeling deeply embarrassed by this.

So, today, when I saw the following post on said the said Facebook group I'm in, I couldn't believe my eyes!

REALLY?! Where is this mom travelling to? The middle of the ocean? Why? Why would one want to bring fresh vegetables, soup stock and FROZEN meat on the plane? Not only is this completely crazy but it could potentially be a health hazard (nice and warm in their bags for bacteria to breed over many hours, cool!).

See how people like "theses" are giving us Asians a bad rep? See, what did I say yesterday about the amazing standard of English on the group?
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