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Scarlett is now two weeks shy of turning eight months old. If you have been a long time follower/reader of my posts, you will know that I am all for the environment. However, because we live in a country where the greener option is not always available or if it is, costs at least three times as much; many times, I'm forced to go with whatever that is available.

Diapers happen to be one of my environmental concerns as far as I can remember. Way before I was even pregnant I decided that I was going to use cloth nappies at home and only use disposable diapers when we go out. However, since bringing the baby home, it quickly dawned on me that between cleaning up after two very active doggies, being a chef who makes three balanced meals a day, at least five days a week and pack a work lunch for the husband, make the majority of my cooking ingredients from scratch, do laundry without a dryer (I prefer air drying my clothes anyway) and ironing (I know, nobody irons anymore but I like crisp, fresh lines on my clothes), and a gardener who has to rake up leaves from our garden everyday leaves (Aha! Managed a homograph here!) me with very limited time for washing and drying cloth nappies.

So, Plan B quickly became finding a good diaper that does not cause nappy rash and could take a good amount pee pees! I really did not even want to try any of the local brands so we were left with only two choices (yay!); Huggies and Pampers. Huggies are about twice the price of Pampers, so Pampers it is!

It turns out that these Pampers Premiums (these are called Pampers Swaddlers in the US) are amazing! They have a "wetness indicator" which turns from yellow to blue when wet and no matter how wet it gets, baby's bum stays dry! And, never gave Scarlett a nappy rash, not once!

Although clearly a winner in my eyes, diapers however amazing are not environmentally friendly. So I really wanted to get her out of diapers as soon as I can. I decided very early on that as soon as she can sit up unsupported, we were going to potty train her. We decided that she was ready when she started crawling around the house and getting into everything!

Crawling from one end of the tunnel to the other is a very good workout, by the way

We've seen some fancy, expensive training potties but I kept telling Eric that I wasn't ready to spend so much on something that she might or might not like. So I set out to get the cheapest potty I could find. Of course, where else but at IKEA, I found the perfect one.

At $4.99, this is clearly the one! IKEA also has a $9.99 option but nah, the cheaper the better.

So, Day 1 of potty training; I sat her down on it, told her to go potty while I went potty myself and flushed. Nothing. Repeated the process an hour later, nothing, but by the third try, voila! I saw a little trickle! I clapped, hugged and showed her how happy I was. She laughed too.Throughout the day, even though I didn't have to go, I pretended to and I used the eco-flush (this is the small button on the toilet) because I think Scarlett associates the sound of flushing water to going potty!

She even made #2!

Today is Day 2 of potty training, it's 9.30 pm and baby has gone to bed. We've only used TWO diapers! Two!

I'd say potty training is a huge success, don't you think? 

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  1. Eric R Says:

    She likes her bathtime book for this too :)

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