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Eric folded up Scarlett's co-sleeper this morning. It might not seem like anything but to me, it was really emotional. Since coming home from the hospital as a little bundle of pinkness, she had been sleeping in our room, next to me, in her little co-sleeper, which I quickly realize was a very very essential item for a new mother. I remember getting up every hour to nurse her that first night and I don't think it would have gone very well if I had to walk across the hall to get to her each time. Nursing at night gradually stretched from two to three hours to only once a night to her sleeping through the night at four months old, but through it all, she was right next to me, in her little cot with a mesh side so I could easily see her.

The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper (Image from BN.com)

She started sitting up without any support when she was six months old, in fact it was the second day in New York while we were visiting family. I propped her up on some pillows that morning and instead of flopping over after a few minutes, she stayed there playing happily while we were still trying to recover from the 14 hour flight.

By May, at seven months she needed the littlest push to get up to sitting position but from there she could easily stand up by holding on to something; a coffee table or the bars of her crib. So we knew that it was about time to put away the co-sleeper for safety reasons. The problem is, she can't really be left in her room to fall asleep because she keeps trying to stand up and look for us!

This morning however, I woke up to her kneeling on her co-sleeper watching US sleep! Thank God she didn't stand up because she could have easily toppled over and hurt herself on the tiled floor. So, it was time.

She loves looking over her crib too

As I'm writing this, Scarlett is sleeping in her crib, in the nursery and I'm fighting the urge to run over there and smell her soft cheeks.

Ahhhh, babies. They do things to people!
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