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Ok, I don't know how racist this would sound but I really have no intention of being so.

Silly Bunny isn't feeling well so we went to see a pediatrician. He is from India (was informed when I made the appointment, didn't just assume). His accent was so thick that I could only understand 20% of everything he said. He was a very nice man and probably a good doctor but I wouldn't know!! He was talking about Paracetamol (the drug) for a good number of minutes but I thought he was saying "breastfed"! So I answered, "Yes I still breastfeed her", which I could imagine how weird I sounded to him!

In any case, Scarlett has a viral infection and is probably teething - she has 6 teeth and ALL the rest are coming NOW, allat once. She never complained before and up until 2 weeks ago I didn't even know she was teething until I saw the top molars as she laughed while being changed.

It's 10.30pm now, we were just woken up by screams of pain WHILE experiencing my OWN sore throat which Scarlett has generously shared with me.

Good night!

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