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Look, I am not writing this on my phone for a change! Let's see if I can write this post without being interrupted by the following:
- Toddler tugging on my shirt and/or "helping" me type
- Husband talking to me (I am rubbish at having a conversation and doing anything at the same time)
- Toddler pushing my chair away from my desk (I am on a wheeled office chair)
- Distracted by Facebook (aren't we all?)

*Okay, toddler has finished her milk and is now running around the nursery, also attempted to push my chair but I used my feet as suction on the floor*

Suction? I guess my feet don't suction, they anchor??

Anyway, this post is about changes one has to make with a growing toddler at home.

My daughter is now 15.5 months old. In other words, she's really (almost) a fully functioning human being!

April 24, 2015 (writing on the iPad)

Fast forward three months later, I saw this draft sitting around, don't remember the points I wanted to write about and have no idea how to finish the post. The toddler is now 18 1/2 months old, turning two at lightning speed. She started talking about a month ago. She had always been a little chatterbox but she never really said anything with purpose, it used to be "Jesty" (our dog's name is Jester) for all animals, "cheese" for all food, and random sounds for different things - there was a lot of guessing involved.

Suddenly, it seemed like overnight it all clicked into place, she started saying words that mean things! Brings me her leftovers and saying "Jesty" means she's done and wants to give him her leftovers. "Kikies" means milkies (milk), pway (play), swing, raunch (lunch), e-phanT (elephant) and sooo many more words. And me, I feel so surprised, proud and a rainbow of different emotions every time I hear her speak!

It's time for bed now, will write more soon.

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