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I went through a sort of bitter-sweet a-ha moment at the supermarket today. 

From watching how people drive, to how people break off random pieces of ginger to pick the BEST piece of ginger from the bin - really, there really IS a BEST piece, you just have to rifle through the entire bin while everyone else waits to find it!. To letting their kids take a bite of an apple then throwing the rest on the supermarket floor, to blatantly cutting lines; I've always suspected that people here have no regard whatsoever about anyone other than themselves. Today, this suspicion was confirmed. I didn't want to be right, hence the bitter- part mentioned above.

I went grocery shopping today. I spent half of the trip chasing my toddler around, feeding her a whole container of raisins, and even resorting to giving her her little kid's tablet I wrote about in my last entry, nothing works. She insists to "walk", meaning by herself, not allowing me to hold her hand, in a supermarket where people push their carts absentmindedly, or just give up pushing altogether and let their 5 year old push it into whatever they so choose. After ALL of that, we made it to the cashier's.

This is where it happened. The lines were all starting to pile up. I chose a random line and started queuing. A woman then told me, in not a single word of English, but I understood that she meant to tell me that I had to get behind her. I had my cart sort of next to her because if I had went behind her, I would've blocked the entire path and nobody would be able to get through to the rest of the cashiers.

There, I tried to illustrate the situation with my poor drawing skills. The blue rectangles are cashiers. The red stick figures are the woman and her husband. They were already queuing on two lines (greedy!), if I had stood behind her like she wanted, I would've blocked the entire path, which I'm sure other selfish people would just bulldoze me over with their carts. Shortly after her husband's line started moving so he called her over and she left.

All that was pointless anyway because as I stood there, I came to the horrifying realization that I forgot to weigh all my fruits and veggies.

Fruitful day regardless, shopping for the week is done, at least there's that. Sometimes I don't know how long I can remain sane here. Not long to do before we leave for vacation. Maybe I'll gain some sanity back. Maybe.
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