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So much drama so early in the morning!!!

I went out to our yard to pick up Jester's poopies like I do every morning. I saw what I thought was a piece of raw chicken swarming with ants. I just thought maybe a bird picked it up from someone's bbq and dropped it.

I picked up his poop and with the same bag I went to pick up the "chicken". It was soft. Then I saw what it was, it was a dead baby bird. Featherless (i have a severe phobia of featherless things!).

I threw everything on the ground and ran away screaming. I screamed for 5 minutes trying to wash my hands, and screaming some more. Both toddler and dog stared at me like I had lost my mind. I sort of did lose my mind.

Typing this now coughing from hurting my throat with the screaming and covered in sweat.

Playdate, I have a playdate to go to.

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