Jillian R.
I never knew what love was before I met you.

I knew that love is patient but I never knew that love was unmoving.

I knew that love is kind but I never knew that love was so forgiving.

I knew there's give and take in love but I never knew there's so much one could give.

I thought I knew unconditional love reading books and watching movies but I've never felt it until I met you. 

I feel like I could go on writing this for a while but everyone knows that's not me. Eric and I met under the most fortunate of circumstances. If I was to be perfectly honest, I'd say it was meant to be. See, I had just moved back to my hometown after working in another city for a few months. It was just like the movies; I hated my job, was making very little money and was made to work more than 12 hours a day in a little cubicle at the office. Sure, there was gourmet coffee to be had at any time, but that's just to keep us awake longer -- to work! So, yeah, I hated my job so one day I just upped and left.

But the bank didn't care if I still had my sad excuse for a job or not. I had to somehow pay off my car's monthly installments. I've been independent since I was 17, so taking handouts from my parents wasn't even on the table. I've already sent out resumes and attended a few interviews, so while waiting for news, my cousin suggested that I work part time at a local Irish pub; the tips were good she said having worked there herself and the clientele was more working adults as opposed to rowdy teenagers pretending to be adults. What could go wrong?

So I waited tables. I majored in hospitality so waiting tables is as comfortable as it gets for me. The second night on the job, a guy whom I thought was just making polite conversation with me at first asked what time my shift ends (which I lied) and wanted me to go visit him in his hotel room. I knew this sort of thing was unavoidable, working in a pub and all. I didn't visit him, of course, in case anyone is wondering.

The next night, I met my Eric.

He sat there watching people playing pool. I will not lie. I was attracted to this man, with eyes that lit up when he smiled. I've always had a thing for men with nice, lustrous hair but as irony would have it, this man has none. Yet, I feel myself drawn to him. Anyway, he didn't have a tab and paid whenever I brought him another beer. Lousy tipper. Then we got to talking, because like I said, I'm not going to lie, I flirted (back when I remember HOW to flirt) with him. When he told me he was visiting (he was a tourist) I asked where he was staying, I don't know why, just making conversation I guess. When he told me the name of this little hotel which I said I've never heard of, he said "I can show you". My heart fell, I thought he wanted me to pay him a visit just like the guy from the night before. When I started to excuse myself, he said, "No really, I can show you, it's right across the street, I can point it out!".

So, long story short, or perhaps a story for another time, several dates, two years of Skype chats, expensive long distance phone calls, and plane rides back and forth to visit each other (I was still living in Malaysia, and him in Korea) later, we were married.

And thus, here we are, on this loooong blog post, here I am, wishing this wonderful, loving and kind, a man I'm extremely proud to call my Husband, a very happy, and blessed birthday (it's a few days early, but I cannot wait!)

(Us, the summer we met)

(That summer was also the first time we both saw a rainbow around the sun for the first time in our lives, it it wasn't meant to be I don't know what is!)

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