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Our little Scarlett Bunny is now a few days shy of 21 months old. I can't remember if I ever wrote about her sleep issues and it's kind of hard to search past posts on my iPad right now so I will quickly summarize the best I can.

We co-slept since she was born, we set up her nursery and everything but because I was breastfeeding, it just seemed like the most sane idea to keep her in her little co-sleeper next to our bed. I can barely remember now, but I know I got up every hour to feed her the first night we came home from the hospital. Anyway, the plan was, she was supposed start sleeping in her nursery when she turned six months, which never happened. Plan B was when could sit up by herself, nope, still slept with us. Then finally, she outgrew the co-sleeper when she could stand up. The co-sleeper wasn't built with high sides so Bunny could easily fall out, so being weak hearted parents who couldn't send a crying child to her room alone, she started sleeping in our bed. From time to time, I'd try to get her out of our bed with no success. This is not a normal child, she has an iron will, she would cry and scream herself to sleep, then woke up refreshed half an hour later to repeat the screaming. Nothing worked, until one day, a few moms at our playgroup gave me the strength to leave her to cry it out. It took one night, ONE. From then on, she's been sleeping by herself.

Now, we have established a routine. Every evening, after dinner either daddy or mommy would bathe her, then give her her "goodnight milk" (bottle), and as she tucks herself into her bed and drinks her goodnight milk, we would read her THREE stories from her collection of Asop's fables storybook. Three stories somehow became the magic amount of time it takes for her to finish the milk and go to sleep.

Tonight it was my turn to tuck her in. I was only on the last paragraph of the second story, when she handed me her empty bottle. I took it and continued reading, it was the last paragraph! That was when she stopped me by saying "sleep", and closed her eyes. She was done with me for the night. "It's enough mommy, stop reading, I want to sleep!" She did say "of you" (love you) before I left the room, so all is well with the world.

Goodnight sweet princess, you will never know how much we love you...
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