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I'm painting my toe nails and feel like I'm wasting precious minutes waiting for them to dry before the next coat goes on. So, I will share another one of my stories-from-the-desert with you.

I've probably mentioned before how many times, on a daily basis actually, that I get mistaken for being Filipino here - by Filipinos themselves! Not that there's anything wrong with being Filipino. It could very well be Eskimo, it's still annoying being mistaken for being from some place you are not AND then being spoken to in that country's language. Anyway, Filipino is my thing. Usually there's "Ma'am you are Filipino?" or "Are you Filipino", but many times it's just straight "Tagalog, tagalog, tagalog" and I have to stop them by saying "I'm NOT FILIPINO!". Ah, and there's also the arguing! After I tell them I'm not Filipino, they ARGUE with me, "Oh! But you look like Filipino, ma'am!" - which I don't think I do!

Once, I was scolded by a Filipino sales person. Yes, scolded!! Scarlett was being a pain (as usual!) during grocery shopping and insisted on pushing our shopping cart, which she couldn't, but wanted to try anyway. As I walked passed this sales person, she said in a reprimanding tone, and again, by now I can always guess what they are saying, she was scolding me in Tagalog that Scarlett could get hurt pushing the cart. I stopped and said, "EXCUSE ME! I don't know what you are saying, but I'm not Filipino and this is my daughter, I know what I'm doing!" Immediately, her tone changed completely and she apologized "Ma'am sorry, I thought you were Filipino". She explained that she saw a kid's foot being run over by a shopping cart wheel before. I understand that her intention was well-meaning, but still, she suddenly earned the right the scold a shopper if they were Filipino?! I feel offended FOR Filipinos, really!

Yesterday, we were last-minute shopping for travel stuff. At the checkout, the cashier started speaking Tagalog with me, from her gestures I understood that she was asking me if the snack that Scarlett was eating needs to be rung up, or something like that. I told her "No, I brought it from home, and by the way, I'm NOT FILIPINO!"

She was apologetic but Eric was there and they had the following exchange:-

Eric: Are you Vietnamese?

Cashier: Oh no sir, I'm not!

Eric: I thought you were Vietnamese

Cashier: Oh no, I'm Filipino!

Eric: Oh sorry, I should have asked where you were from.

Cashier: Oh sorry, sir, but most English (she meant Caucasian) men marry Filipinos. So I thought your wife is Filipino.

I was a bit disturbed by the whole thing on so many levels! 

Later on, Eric told me he felt offended for Filipino men! Apparently most Filipino women run off and marry Caucasian men, what what she was implying. What happens to all the men?

Anyway, nails are dry now, will write again soon from the Big Apple, I hope!

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