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Decided to skip working out today so I'd get to the grocery store early and beat everyone to the cashier's! Grocery stores here typically get busy after lunch time.

Got ready, dressed the Bunny, prepped the cooler with an ice pack because I was planning to buy meat. Loaded cooler and tote bags in the car, removed the skin of an apple (because Scarlett wouldn't eat apple skin!), sliced it thinly and put them in a little ziploc bag, packed some Cheerios and raisins and put everything in our little snack tote - because shopping alone with a toddler is a nightmare, in case nobody has yet to mention this.

Next, Bunny chose the shoes she wanted to wear (because at barely 2, making decisions is important to her *eye roll*). I managed to strap her in her seat without struggling because I bribed her with her favorite Elsa purse. I had her tablet fully charged and ready to go, in case of extreme madness during the 40 mins drive into town.

Everything was set and ready.

Then the car wouldn't start. Battery was dead.

Moral of the story: Never skip morning workout.

(Note: The battery dying out on us this morning is a HUGE blessing really. One, it happened at home and not in the hot carpark - with all my cold meats in the trunk! Two, it happened in the morning when it's not even that hot outside yet. It's 'only' 39 C right now. And three, I'm waiting for a replacement comfortably on our couch instead of some bench at the mall, so all in all, WIN!)

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